Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Watching Without Buying

Where we fans watch our favorite stuff? That is a delicate matter and I hope not being violating copyright rules exposing other creations here. I have tried to show just small production samples in my articles, always indicating the original producer. Anyway, if anybody feels being harmed by that, please, let me know and I will fix the situation.

That was just an introduction to my comment about a venerable institution, the Fighting Females Video Rental Club - FFVRC, more than twenty years old now, that has established an unique service in USA. In the pre-Web times, one have to recur to subscribe mailing lists and buy either by mail or in one of the few existing retail stores. FFVRC has come to fill the gap, offering a reliable rental service where, for a few bucks, one could watch his favorite show without spending his savings.

Even after huge technological and market changes, they are still alive today and using basically the same business model. They are little by little replacing the cumbersome VHS tapes by DVDs, but, whatever the media support, it is its thorough catalog of female fight productions that keep the old customers happy and attract new ones. Regardless if you are a customer or not - they do not operate outside USA - they are worth a visit to get to know FFVRC catalog of treasures.

I will be back to this subject - where to watch? - pretty soon.

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