Monday, February 19, 2018

Ballroom Dispute

It is a weird place the two women chose to have a catfight: an empty and large ballroom. Why? The brawl script did not clarify the background: they just start to exchange insults and very quickly are on the carpet (humm, maybe the its softness was the reason...) to settle who is the best.

They keep the clothes on but that does not block wonderful views of legs and crotches. Just in case you have not recognise her, the winner is our well known mutiny and the foe (and more exposed...) is Jezabel. The producer was Lucha Girls.


Note: the first movie in the Blog Theater playlist is a vintage flick called Ladies Mud Wrestling. Not a great value, except for two things: the presence of Queen Kong, a popular pro wrestler in the 1990s (?), and an interview with a starlet (around 8:00 in the movie), fully naked, and showing a beautiful natural bush, typical from those days. Considering the video was published on November, 2016, another oversight record of our prudish fellows at YouTube.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Unshaved And Blurred

I know few things about this movie: the two ladies are Carla and Beth, it is very old and certainly was originally shot in Super 8 film (to the new generations, please, consult the Internet to know what was that) and the shaved pubis trend was far, far away.


Monday, February 5, 2018


Leather & Lace have gorgeous women on its roaster and these two - Charlie and Mila - are among the best ones. The fight follows the producer standard script: a "thorough" examination by the referee and pro style ring wrestling. What is better in this particular video is the abondance of curves in the naked fighters and a couple of well done holds.


Friday, February 2, 2018

Sad News...

I have just found that Nadege, one of the best known names in the women fighting sport, passed away after a five month battle against cancer. Although a person with a slender figure, she was a fierce competitor trained early in his career by Beatrice Goffin. On the other hand, she was not shy in participating in the erotic side of our preferred sport as you can see in this post. Nadege was one the most referred stars here in the Blog as you can see in the references on the page left column. She had a baby not much time ago and was just 36 years old.

R.I.P., Nadege D´Eurweilher.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Grapevines & Tap Outs

It is not common to see a tap out in a grapevine hold which is generally used to get a pin and a fall count. However, it happens (I don´t know whether for real, totally fake or somewhere in the middle). The first segment is just an exercise (source unknown) where one of the curvy girls uses the grapevine and her bosom to "extract" a submission. The second case is better (and in the nude!) as Francesca uses her free hand to give up to Candie (California Supreme CS194). The third is the more realistic, when an exhausted Misty taps out under Kyla pression (SuiteFights).


Monday, January 22, 2018

Super Thighs

I took notice of Sahrye very recently when I happened to find her battle against Maggie where she appears with a very sexy red lace lingerie. Her luscious body and beautiful skin color grabbed my attention along the use of her powerful legs as wrestling weapons. Better, the bout has a good degree of combativity (I would give it a grade 7 out of 10).

I did a research on my archives and found other instances of Sahrye presence, with a variety of sub-genres (domination, staged, competition) and hair colors but always with her thighs in the foreground. They are in the video below: against Kery for Girls Wrestle, Renee for DreamLand Clips, Nikki for Catfighting Angel, Kali Logan for Spectrum, Andre Rosu (other formidable thighs power opponent) for DoomMaidens and, finally, the above mentioned combat against Maggie for Catfighting Angel.


Monday, January 15, 2018

Women Combats & Social Networks

What is the best way to follow the news about fighting women? My Blog? Nooo, it is just a hobby with few updates and personal biases. I am talking about the the giants, Facebook and many others. I have prepared a summary of my opinions on some of them.

- Facebook: big, with a lot of useful and not so useful information. Too polluted with ads, meetings, games, etc to my taste and... censored!;

- YouTube: I have used it a lot, as you can see on my Theater, which uses playlists built with other users uploads. Main problem: censorship and unpredictable troubles to users. For example, in the last few weeks, two of my playlists were suddenly removed because they "contained inadequate material". Gee, as I said, I don´t upload anything, I just refer to other videos that are online!!!;

- Instagram: small community of female fighting fans and censored;

- Tumblr: I use it regularly because it has a robust users list and they post interesting pictures and clips. And it is not censored! If you want to start your network there, look for the following names and grow up from them:
from a Tumblr user

- Twitter: in my opinion, the best way to follow the producers. Everyday they post something on the service. Even the Japanese are there (with their expensive videos!). And censorhip is non-existent. I have in my list:

Monday, January 8, 2018

They Are Not Cris Cyborg Nor Holly Holm

They are not the two MMA fight monsters but the four South Koreans put up an interesting cage kick boxing match with one innovation: a tag team bout. They don´t have strength or much skill either but the combat is for real and one athlete will dominate the event with punishing blows.


Monday, January 1, 2018

Let Me Go (52): California Style

OMG, more than four years since the last installment in this series! To try to make it up, I am posting a vintage collection of headscissors from California Supreme, one of women wrestling pioneers. Worth noticing is the nude interracial segment with Brenda. I think it is a decent year start...